Minnesota Public Radio Interview about the trafficking of Native women on the Duluth ships, Aug. 28, 2013

Policymic article, about U.S./Canadian trafficking connection, September, 2013

It’s A Woman’s World, cable TV show, channel 6 in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and suburbs in MN.

Idle No More interview (radio) about trafficking with Chong Kim and Christi Belcourt, Aug. 28, 2013

Article on about trafficking, Aug. 28, 2013

Newspaper interview/article in Toronto Star about trafficking of Native and First Nation women in the Duluth harbor, Aug. 2013

Newspaper interview/article with Canadian Broadcast Corporation about trafficking of Native and First Nation women, Aug, 2013

Interview with The Washington Times, April 12, 2013

Interview with Ruth Jacobs about writing, Jan 11, 2013

Interview with Ruth Jacobs about trafficking, Jan 11, 2013

Video interview with Christine

Interview with Christine on Bozeman News

Interview with Christine on Green Heritage News: Journal of Humanitarian Affairs 

Interview with Christine on Psychology Today

Interview with Christine on Woman Stirred Radio

Interview with Christine on domestic violence and child sex abuse on KFAI with Ellen Kennedy for International Women’s Day

Article about Christine’s reading and talk at the University of Connecticut

Article about Christine’s reading as part of Minnesota State University at Mankato Good Thunder Reading Series

Interview with Christine Stark in Marshall Independent

Interview with Christine Stark on KMHL 1400 Marshall

Interview with Christine Stark in High Plains Reader out of Fargo, North Dakota

Listen to an interview with Christine conducted by Irene Watson for Reader Views

Interview with Christine on the December Wordgathering site


  1. hello,

    very interesting interview – lots of valuable insight into the interior of DID – dissociative identity disorder (or more accurately, DIO, dissociative identity order, it being a strategy of ordering identity so as to survive massive trauma, IMHO). The author is well-read and well-spoken on the topic and has obviously done extensive research, much of it by way of personal relationships as she describes this. I would like to hear an interview with more emphasis on your creative process – post it when you’ve done one please! thx!! love your book!!!!

  2. Thank you Linda! I am on a couple of writing deadlines right now, but would be happy to talk about the creative process in the future. Also, I discuss my creative process in my essay in Sherry Quan Lee’s terrific anthology *How Dare We! Write.*

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